Tribute – To – Leonard Cohen – Records – II (others)

Die folgende Diskographie verzeichnet in chronologischer Reihenfolge alle Alben, die ausschließlich – bzw. in einem Fall (Graeme Allright/Suzanne [?], 1992) vorwiegend – Cover-Versionen von Cohen-Songs enthalten, wie z.B. folgende als Beilage der französischen Musikzeitschrift LES INROCKTIBLES:












Daiano: Io come chiunque (sulla pista di Cohen) (Fonit Cetra, Torino Cat. # LPP 264) Italien

Tu sai chi sono (You know who I am)

Mi straccerai (Tonight will be fine)

Non trovo il modo di andarmene (Hey, that's no way to say goodbye)

Sembra tanto tempo fa, Nancy (Seems so long ago, Nancy)

Maestri (Teachers)

Il macellaio (The butcher)

Uno di noi può sbagliare (One of us cannot be wrong)

Come un uccello su un ramo (Bird on the wire)

Passerà (Passing through)

Il partigiano (The partisan)



Pierre Ström/  Sings Songs of Leonard Cohen – Schweden

Din välkanda regnrock (Famous Blue Raincoat)

I natt blir det bra (Tonight will be fine)

Ska det va'att ta farväl (Hey, that's no way to say goodbye)

Kom nu Marianne (So long, Marianne)

Lavin (Avalanche)

En av oss kan inte ha fel (One of us cannot be wrong)

Gatans sång (Stories of the street)

Det var så länge se'n, Nancy (Seems so long ago, Nancy)

Nattens drottning (Lady Mindnight)

Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)


Der Schwedische Musiker Pierre Ström coverte auf einem anderen Album, namen "I vädurens tecken" aus dem Jahre 1970 noch den Song „Suzanne“.



Maciej Zembaty/Ballady Leonarda Cohena (Pol-jaa KPSJ-001/002) – Polen

Bird On The Wire

Story Of Isaac

You Know Who I Am

Tonight Will Be Fine


Seems So Long Ago, Nancy

Lover, Lover, Lover

Sisters Of Mercy


Diamonds In The Mine

Hey, That' s No Way To Say Goodbye

Famous Blue Raincoat


Is This What You Wanted

One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

The Partisan

Who By Fire


Alle Songs in polnischer Sprache gesungen.




Maciej Zembaty/First We Take Manhattan/ Then We Take Warsaw (Cat. No. ZPR 1) – Polen

The Traitor

Joan Of Arc

Humbled In Love

Our Lady Of Solitude

First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Warsaw [sic]

The Window

The Smokey Life

The Butcher


Mitschnitte aus einem Konzert, das Z.M. am 17. Januar 1988 in Warschau gab.



Maciej Zembaty/Alleluja (Cat. No. PROMIT M-0022) – Polen

Dance Me To The End Of Love

There Is A War

The Law

The Gypsy's Wife

Passing Thru


The Guests

Hunter's Lullaby

If It Be Your Will



Alle Songs in polnischer Sprache gesungen.



Diverse/Voulez-Vous Chanter Cohen – Frankreich

Bill Pritchard/I'm Your Man

Fatima Masions/Paper Thin Hotel

Peter Astor/Take This Longing

Geoffrey Orietta/Suzanne [Version Longue Instrumentale]


Mini-Album; Gratis-CD als Beilage zu einer Ausgabe des französischen Musikmagazins "Les Inrockuptibles"




Graeme Allwright/ Suzanne (Phonogram-France 848 178-2 Vol.3) – Frankreich


Lover, Lover, Lover

L’Étranger (Stranger Song)

Danse Moi Vers La Fin de L’Armour (Dance Me To The End Of Love)

Jeanne D’Arc (Joan Of Arc)

Les Soeurs De La Misericorde (The Sisters Of Mercy)

De Passage (Passing Through)


Vagabonde (Winter Lady)

Demain Sera Bien (Tonight Will Be Fine)

Si C’est Ta Volonté (If It Be Your Will)


Plus 7 Songs, die nicht aus Cohens Feder stammen. ”Suzanne – Vol.3” ist eines von drei Alben der 3-CD-Box ”Les Retrouvailles”. CD 1 und 2 beinhalten keine L.C.-Songs .



Cohen Pa Norsk/Hadde Manen en soster (Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD 128) – Norwegen

Somebody's Darling & Kari Bremnes/Dance Me To The End Of Love

Kari Bremnes/Everybody Knows

Kirsten Braten Berg/Bird On The Wire

Kristin Solli/Suzanne

Claudia Scott/Joan Of Arc

Sidsel Endresen/Sisters Of Mercy

Somebody’s Darling/The Captain

Claudia Scott/There Is A War

Kari Bremnes/Famous Blue Raincoat

Kristin Solli/Who By Fire

Kirsten Braten Berg/So Long, Marianne

Sidsel Endresen/You Know Who I Am




Tom Northcott/ Joyful Songs Of Leonard Cohen (Full Circle CD –2-02) – Canada

The Guests

Dance Me To The End Of Love

I Left A Woman Waiting

Paper Thin Hotel

True Love Leaves No Traces

If It Be Your Will

Tower Of Song

I`m Your Man

Tonight Will Be Fine




Juraj Kukura/ Jsem TvuJ Muz (”I’m Your Man”) (Tommu Records 610112-2331) – Tschechei

Bal (Take This Waltz)

Nakaza ”Mam te rad” (Ain’t No Cure For Love)

Nemusis se bat (I Can’t Forget)

Co s tou svobodou (Everybody Knows)

Jsem tvuj sen (means: ”I’m Your dream”; analog: I’m Your Man)

Kdyz chces byt se mnou (First We Take Manhattan)

Aleluja (Hallelujah)

Tancis (Dance Me To The End Of Love)

Susanne (Suzanne)


Obwohl Kukura ein Slovake ist, sind die Songs in tchechischer Sprache. Im Original bedeutet der Albumtitel: ”I’m Your Dream”, in Anlehnung an Cohens ”I’m Your Man”-Album


??/ 96

Danièle Pascale/ Dance Me To The Ende Of Love – Songs Of Leonard Cohen (CDMFA 12) – Südafrika

Bird On A Wire

Famous Blue Raincoat

If It Be Your Will

Who By Fire



Dance Me To The End Of Love

Chelsea Hotel

So Long Marianne

Take This Waltz

A Singer Must Die

Joan Of Arc


Danièle Pascale ist südafrikanische Sängerin.




Kern András/ Engem Vársz (VPI CD 001) – Ungarn

Engem vársz / I´m your man

Forgass, szerelem, forgass / Dance me to the end of love

Gellért szálló / Chelsea Hotel

Madár a dróton / Bird on the wire

Most elõször Pestet / First we take Manhattan

A híres kék ballon / Famous blue raincoat

Persze tudjuk jól / Everybody knows

Hé így nem jó, csak fáj, menj már / Hey, that´s no way to say goodbye

Ki tûzben lobog / Who by fire

Dal utca hét / Tower of song




Maciej Zembaty/ spiewa ballady Leonarda Coherna (Sell Records 0165) (Polen)

Zamglone zycie (Smokey Life)

Kazdy o tym wie (Everybody Knows)

Joanna d`Arc (Joan Of Arc)

Jestern twoj (I `m Your Man)

Madonna Samotnosci (Our Lady Of Solitude)

Wspomnienia (Memories)

Rzeznik (The Butcher)

Czekajac na cud (Waiting For The Miracle)




RED/ Songs From A Room (Rectagble) – Frankreich

Bird on the Wire   

Story of Isaac   

A Bunch of Lonesome Heros  

The Partisan  

Seems So Long Ago, Nancy   

The Old Revolution

The Butcher  

You Know Who I Am  

Lady Midnight

Tonight Will Be Fine



Mathys Roets/ Hy's ons Man – Mathys Roets sings Leonard Cohen ("He is our Man" – live album) – Südafrika

I'm your man


Dance me to the end of love

There ain't no cure for love

Hey that's no way to say goodbye

So long Marianne

Joan of Arc

Bird on a wire

If it be your will

+ 8 more (not by Cohen)



Valur Snaer Gunnarsson/ Valur og Regnúlpurnar- Reykjavík er köld – (??) – Island

Kross fell ekki á mig (A cross didn't fall on me) – poem

Það sem eftir varð (Famous blue raincoat)

Skipstjórinn (The Captain)

Dansaðu milli holds og anda (Dance me to the end of love)

Það er stríð (There is a war)

Þröstur á þaki (Bird on the wire)

Jóhanna af Örk (Joan of Arc)

Hver í logum (Who by fire)

Lýðræðið (Democracy)

Verði þinn vilji (If it be your will)


Gueststar bei  "Joan of Arc": Eva Hrönn



Mats Klingström/ Jag är din man by Mats Klingström – Sånger av Leonard Cohen (HAWKCD 2188) – Schweden

Som en fågel du hör (Bird on a wire)

Jag är din man  (I'm your man)

Farväl Marianne  (So long Marianne)

Susanne  (Suzanne)

Hjärta utan vänner  (The heart with no companion)

Vinterkvinna  (Winter lady)

Ett torn av musik  (Tower of song)

Berömd blå regnrock  (Famous blue raincoat)

Inatt skall allting bli bra  (Tonight will be fine)

Det känns som längesen, Nancy  (Seems so long ago, Nancy)

Först tar vi Manhattan  (First we take Manhattan)

En av oss kan inte ha fel  (One of us cannot be wrong)

När Du försöker ta farväl (Hey, that's no way to say goodbye)



08/ 06

Diverse/ Soundtrack zum ,,Came So Far For Beauty – An Evening Of Leonard Cohen Songs” (Verve Records 0602517024083)

Tower Of Song Martha Wainwright

Tonight Will Be Fine Teddy Thompson

I'm Your Man Nick Cave

Winter Lady Kate McGarrigle

Sisters Of Mercy Beth Orton

Chelsea Hotel No. 2 Rufus Wainwright

If It Be Your Will Antony

I Can't Forget Jarvis Cocker

Famous Blue Raincoat The Handsome Family

Bird On A Wire Perla Batalla

Everybody Knows Rufus Wainwright

The Traitor Martha Wainwright

Suzanne Nick Cave

The Future Teddy Thompson

Anthem Perla Batalla

Tower Of Song (from the Motion Picture Soundtrack ''Leonard Cohen: Im Your Man'', released on Verve Forcast.) im Duett mit Bono und The Edge von U2

Die Songs dieses Original Motion Soundtracks /siehe auch DVDs) wurden live at Hal Willner’s “Came So Far For Beauty: An Evening of Leonard Cohen Songs”, at the Brighton Dome as part of the Brighton Festival 2004 and at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Sydney Festival 2005, aufgenbommen. Ausnahme “Tower of Song” featuring Leonard Cohen and U2, aufgenommen 2005 in New York. 



??/ 07

Perla Batalla/ Bird On The Wire – The Songs Of Leonard Cohen (Mechuda Music )

If  It Be Your Will

Seems So Llong ago Nancy

Coming Back To You

Dance Me To The Ende Of Love

So Long Marianne

Came So Far For Beauty

Ballad Of The Absent Mare

Famous Blue Raincoat

Bird On The Wire



12/ 08

Diverse/ Cohen Covered (Mojo)*

Ian McCulloch/ Suzanne

Katie Melua/ In My Secret Life

Claudine Longet/ Hey, That’s No way To Say Goodbye

Dion/ Sisters Of Mercy

Linda Thompson/ Story Of Isaac

Eyeless In Gaza/ Priests

Allison Crowe/ Joan Of arc

Susanna And The Magical Orchestra/ Hallelujah

Nick Cave & The Bad Sees/ Avalanche

Josh Ritter/ Chelsea Hotel No. 2

Phil Campbell/ Take This Longing

Martha Wainwright/ Tower Of Song

Judy Collins/ Song For Bernadette

The Handsome Family/ Famous Blue Raincoat

Mr David Viner/ Tonight Will Be Fine


* Als Beilage des britischen Musikmagazins



04/ 09

Diverse/ Cohen Revisited…. (Les Unrocktibles)*

John Cale/ Halleluja

Ian Mc Culloch/ Lover Lover Lover

16 Horsepower/ The Partisan

Johnny Cash/ Bird On A Wire

The Lemonheads & Liv Tyler/ Hey, That`s No Way To Say Goodbye

Close Lobster/ Paper Thin Hotel

Jonathan Richman/ Here It Is

Don Nino/ There Is A War

Lambchop/ Chelsea Hotel ‘ 2 (live)

Marissa Nadler/ Famous Blue Raincoat


* Als Beilage der Sonderausgabe ,,Leonard Cohen” des französischen Musikmagazins ,,Les Inrocktibles“.



03/ 12

Diverse/ The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Covered– Mojo presents a Tribute to His Clasic 1967 Debut  (Mojo)*

Field Music/ Suzanne

Emily Barker / The Red Clay Halo/ Master Song

Palace Songs/ Winter Lady

The Miserable Rich/ The Stranger Song

Liz Green/ Sisters Of Mercy

Biöll Callhan/ So Long Marianne

Michael Kiwanuka/ Hey, That’s No Way To say Goodbye

The Low Anthem/ Stories Of The Street

Cass McCombs/ Teachers

Father John Misty (aka J Tillman)/ One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong



Dan Michaelson/ Avalanche

Diagrams/ Famous Blue Raincoat

Marc Ribor & My Brightest Diamond/ Bird On A Wire

Scott Matthews/ Seems So Long Ago, Nancy

Paper Dollhouse/ Last Year`s Man


* Als Beilage des britischen Musikmagazins MOJO