a- Art Of Geoffrey Wren – Bilder (s)einer Ausstellung – A Virtual Leonard Cohen – Exhibition


“Bilder (s)einer "German"- Ausstellung”

Geoffrey Wren`s

Leonard Cohen – FACEBOOK – Exhibition

Geoffry Wren ist Maler und Künstler und Freund von Leonard Cohen. Anbei eine kleine „Ausstellung“ seiner Bilder …


first attempt at digital art, so don't be cruel


just experimenting


just an experiment


digital leonard


Geoffrey Wren`s former – not digital – artwork

'man in chair' – 24 x 18cm / acrylic / 200g textured grain paper






just a quick little pencil portrait


cohen simple painting / oct 2015 / 28 x 18 / 300g textured grain paper


don't drink and paint


no care taken


thought i might try a leonard cohen portrait, because i haven't done him at all so far this year.


buddhist monk


"eyes are soft with sorrow"


"help me, for a grave divides me from all that I love" – (leonard cohen 'beautiful losers')


goodnight to everyone, wherever they may be


goodbye, friend. you told me "they'll never catch us". so . . . see you down the road, dearest leonard


old abandoned one i found. never could get on with watercolour


last one for this year. thought i would do leonard cohen for a change. (tiny, 13x15cm)


one year ago a frail, elderly gentleman in a far off land, found a big sturdy piece of cardboard. despite being ill, in much pain ("going through tricky times" – he told me some weeks earlier), he held 3 thick marker pens of black, silver and gold – and with herculean determination, created a superb poster to hang on my wall. not many people in his position would have done that. it will always be one of my most precious christmas presents. he was always so positive and encouraging, often humorous too – when i showed him my painting efforts. difficult to believe he's not there any more


small tribute to a big heart


man with hat



hurried water crayon


and some more digital leonard cohen-album-artwork


And some more not Leonard Cohen stuff

by Geoffrey Wren


not dark yet


And that is Geoffrey Wren`s Art also …


you can find this Virtual exhibition also in blog.leonardcohen.de