Vol. 2 – ZEN & POESIE – Zahlen, Daten & Fakten – Das Leonard Cohen – Lexikon

ZEN & POESIE – Das Leonard Cohen – Lexikon – The Cohenpedia Series Vol. 2

Zen & Poesie – Band 2 – Zahlen, Daten & Fakten – Was bleibt/ What remains – A Partially bilingual Issue

  • partially bilingual
  • out: 30 th november 2018
  • 400 pages, almost 100 unseen pictures
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In unregelmäßigen Abständen veröffentlicht der Autor Auszüge aus seinem Archiv

Vol. 2 behandelt das Thema: Zen & Poesie. „Zahlen, Daten & Fakten“ zum künstlerischen Lebenswerk des kanadischen Rockpeten. – Das Leonard Cohen – Lexikon – Band 2 erscheint als Buch im Herbst 2018.

Mit „Zen & Poesie – Das Leonard Cohen-Lexikon“ hat Christof Graf „ein einzigartiges Lexikon zu Leonard Cohens künstlerischem Gesamtwerk“ (SAARLÄNDISCHER RUNDFUNK) und „eine bis dato unvergleichbare „Cohenpedia“ (DIE RHEINPFALZ) erschaffen.“

Band 1 beinhaltet Schlagworte, Titel, Namen und Begriffe. Band 2 ergänzt diese nun um „Zahlen, Daten und Fakten über den kanadischen Rockpoeten und Meister von Wort und Stimme, welche in dieser Art noch nicht zusammengetragen vorlagen.“ (DEUTSCHLAND RADIO)

„… alles, was Sie schon immer über Leonard Cohen wissen wollten, aber nicht zu fragen wagten…“ (ROLLING STONE 07/2018)

Prof. Dr. Christof Graf, Autor von sechs Büchern über Leonard Cohen, Blogger (blog.leonardcohen.de)  und Betreiber der ältesten und umfangreichsten deutschen Website www.leonardcohen.de und www.cohenpedia.de, ist „Cohen-Experte seit vier Jahrzehnten“ (MANNHEIMER MORGEN).


With „Zen & Poesie – Das Leonard Cohen-Lexikon,“ Christof Graf managed to create a „unique encyclopedia of Leonard Cohen’s artistic works” (SAARLÄNDISCHER RUNDFUNK) and “an, up to date, incomparable ‘Cohenpedia’” (DIE RHEINPFALZ).

 Volume 1 includes buzzwords, titles, names and definitions.

 Volume 2 compliments these with “numbers, data and facts about the Canadian rock poet and master of word and voice, which have never been compiled in this form before.” (DEUTSCHLAND RADIO)


“…everything that you have always wanted to know about Leonard Cohen, but never dared to ask…” (ROLLING STONE 07/2018)

 Prof. Dr. Christof Graf, author of six books about Leonard Cohen, blogger (blog.leonardcohen.de) and host of the oldest and most extensive German website www.leonardcohen.de and www.cohenpedia.de, is a “Cohen expert, with over four decades of experience” (MANNHEIMER MORGEN).


Content/ Inhalt:

Inhalt (The Cohenpedia Series Vol. II)

 UMGANG mit dem Lexikon/ How to use the lexicon


Welcome To THE HOUSE OF COHEN – Part I

Perla Batalla (Ex-Leonard Cohen-Band) vor ihrem ersten Deutschlandkonzert seit 25 Jahren am 18.11.2018


Tower Of Song & A Crack in Everything – Montreal 2017

I.I.          Tower Of Song – Das Tribute-Konzert in Montreal 2017 – A Grand Gala Of Excellence Without Compromise – A Memorial Tribute Concert To Leonard Cohen at Bell Centre, Montreal/ Canada, 6th November 2017

I.II.         A Crack in Everything – Im Labyrinth der Verehrung oder: Was bleibt? – What remains? – A Walk through the MAC Leonard Cohen Exhibition in Montreal/ Canada in November 2017

I.III.       Status Quo 2018, Timeline & Milestone


Was bleibt – What remains

Zahlen, Daten & Fakten eines Künstlerlebens (1934 – 2016)


Im Gespräch mit Perla Batalla vor ihrem ersten Deutschlandkonzert seit 25 Jahren am 18.11.2018 in Offenbach a.M./ Germany – An Interview with Perla Batalla (Ex-Leonard Cohen-Band)


– Die Offenbacher Lesung am 18.11.2018 (Mediapartner: www.cohenpedia.de) mit Perla Batalla und Hans Zischler / ANOTHER SIDE IOF LEONARD COHEN

Eine andere Seite von LEONARD COHEN / Offenbacher Lesungen Literatur im O-Ton am 18.11.2018 in Offenbach a.M./ Germany – Infos about „Another Side Of Leonard Cohen – A special Evening with Perla Batalla and others“


Bildnachweis & Quellen & Abkürzungsverzeichnis

Danksagung & Der Autor

The author publishes excerpts at irregular intervals. The first edition of the Cohenpedia-series titled “Zen & Poesie”- Das Leonard Cohen – Lexicon – Band 1 was released on April 6th, 2018.
November 7th 2018 marks the second anniversary of the passing of the Canadian rock poet Leonard Cohen. Shortly after his 82nd birthday on September 21st, 2016, the exceptional artist released his epochal masterpiece “You Want It Darker.” He then passed away weeks later on November 7th, 2016, in his house in Los Angeles. There are more than 3000 cover versions of his songs. More than 300 of those are of his greatest –next to “Suzanne”- and most well-known song “Hallelujah” alone. But there are still more interesting facts about the artist to discover.
“ZEN & POESIE – Das Leonard Cohen – Lexicon Band I” delivers knowledge about the master of word and voice, in an over 508 page compendium, in a way which has not yet existed in this form. Christof Graf, author of already six books about Leonard Cohen, Cohen-Blogger and operator of the oldest and most detailed German Cohen Website has been a “Cohen-expert for over four decades” (MANNHEIMER MORGEN). On over 500 pages with almost 5000 buzzwords, titles, names, etc., the author managed to create “a unique lexicon of Leonard Cohen’s entire artistic works” (SAARLÄNDISCHER RUNDFUNK). All albums, all songs, all musicians, everything about Leonard Cohen from A to Z is offered by Graf in this documental reference book.
“ZEN & POESIE – Das Leonard Cohen Lexicon” – Volume I, starts with a biographical essay about the “life & works” of the artist and Cohen’s love for poetry and his devotion for Zen-Buddhism and Indian philosophy. In the title of the second chapter of “ZEN & POETRY,” the author informatively highlights Cohen’s spiritual search for the meaning of existence and delves into his travels to India and his discussions with the Indian philosopher Ramesh Balsekar.
“ZEN& POESIE – Das Leonard Cohen-Lexicon Vol. II,” with the subtitle “Was bleibt? – Zahlen, Daten und Fakten – What remains? Numbers, Data and Facts”, complements the first volume with “numbers, data and facts around the rock poet and master of word and voice, in a way that has never been done before” (DEUTSCHLAND RADIO)… “…everything, that you have always wanted to know about Leonard Cohen, but never dared to ask…,” judged ROLLING STONE in their Juli 2018 edition.
“ZEN& POESIE – Das Leonard Cohen-Lexicon Vol. II – Was bleibt? – Zahlen, Daten und Fakten,” thus portrays itself as a type of analogous extract of the constantly growing digital “Cohenpedia.” Chapter 1 begins with a “status quo 2018,” of the “LEBEN& WERK” (life and works) of Leonard Cohen, as well as a timeline with mile stones. Chapter II offers numbers, data and facts to discography, filmo-/videography, bibliography as well as other numbers, data and facts around other publications in the artistic life of Leonard Cohen. Furthermore, there is numerous data surrounding many concerts, tours, awards, listings of rare songs and publications that Cohen had been a part of. The final parts of the chapter then goes into Cohen’s so called “spoken words” and comments, which he often added to songs in his concerts. Volume II is encompassed by two texts, based on a trip the author went on to Montral/Canada, commemorating the first anniversary of the day Leonard Cohen passed in November 2017 and the tribute concerts held there (“Tower of Song”), as well as the local Leonard Cohen exhibition “A Crack in Everything.” An interview with Perla Batalla (ex-Leonard Cohen-band) concludes the second volume of “ZEN & POESIE – Das Leonard Cohen Lexikon.”Two panoramic pictures with mostly unpublished photo material compliment the book.
“Zen & Poesie – Das Leonard Cohen-Lexicon Band 2 – The Cohenpedia Series Vol. II” is a type of supplement to my book publications, newspaper and magazine releases, as well as radio shows about interviews with Leonard Cohen, but most of all an excerpt of my constantly “in progress” internet site “Cohenpedia,” (www.leonardcohen.de) and my blog (blog.leonardcohen.de). Much of it has resulted from my analogous archive from the late 70s into the 90s till now, as well as through my digital works from the mid/late 90s till now.
                Other things were left out to due spatial constraints, such as additional photos, multiple interviews. Additional relevant & facts worth knowing about Leonard Cohen’s works can thus still be found on www.cohenpedia.de and www.leonardcohen.de

Vol. I (published in April 2018)